Golf D’Aigüesverds Renovation

1 Jul, 2024 | News

In the context of the latest updates in sports infrastructure, Golf D’Aigüesverds has successfully completed a significant renovation that has revitalized its facilities. One of the most notable changes has been the complete renovation of the paddle tennis courts, which were previously unused and abandoned for several years.

Comprehensive Renovation of Paddle Tennis Courts

The old paddle tennis courts have undergone a radical transformation. With the intervention carried out, a comprehensive renovation has been implemented, including the replacement of outdated fences, pavements, and lighting systems. Additionally, there has been significant improvement in the urbanization of the surrounding area, ensuring a more pleasant and functional environment for users.

Expansion and Modernization

As part of this modernization project, two new paddle tennis courts have been added, expanding the complex’s capacity from 5 to 7 courts in total. This expansion not only meets the growing demand for sports facilities but also provides more options and flexibility for paddle tennis enthusiasts.

Service Improvements

In addition to the renovation of sports facilities, significant emphasis has been placed on improving complementary services. The changing rooms have been upgraded to provide greater comfort and functionality for users, ensuring a more satisfactory overall experience.

Reopening and Future Outlook

With all these improvements in place, the new paddle tennis courts are now fully operational, offering the local community a renovated and modern space to enjoy sports and recreation. This renovation not only revitalizes the sports complex but also strengthens community ties and promotes an active lifestyle among residents.

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