Approval of European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD)

4 Apr, 2024 | News

The recent approval of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) by the European Parliament marks a significant milestone in the journey towards decarbonizing buildings by 2050. Member States now have a two-year period to transpose this directive into national legislation.

This directive represents a crucial step forward in the decarbonization of buildings,

which is essential for enhancing the competitiveness of our economy. In Spain, buildings currently account for 25% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting the urgency of addressing their energy performance.

What does the European Directive on Energy Performance imply?

The European Energy Efficiency Directive introduces several important measures aimed at facilitating the transition towards more sustainable buildings. These include the establishment of a digital register, the introduction of a renovation passport, and the implementation of a new European energy certification system. These instruments are designed to reshape the way buildings are designed, constructed, maintained, and managed throughout their life cycle, ultimately contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector.

The approval of this directive is expected to catalyze a wave of renovations in our building stock, particularly considering that over 80% of the national building stock is over 40 years old. Meeting European requirements and aligning with the Paris Agreements will necessitate a significant increase in the annual rehabilitation of buildings. Estimates suggest that this annual rate will need to be multiplied by 12 times to achieve these goals.

Nexotecnia: Architecture Committed to Environmental Sustainability

At Nexotecnia, we are dedicated to shaping a better future through a steadfast commitment to efficiency at every level. This dedication has led us to prioritize sustainable practices in our architectural endeavors.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive architectural, engineering, and consulting services that ensure a holistic approach to every project. By integrating these disciplines, we not only deliver innovative designs but also guarantee environmentally conscious solutions that align with our vision for a more sustainable built environment.

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